Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gapfill test

This is not a real post, just a test of a gapfill program I posted.

Get - causative

built   ·  painted   ·  look   ·  looked   ·  fitted   ·  prepare   ·  install   ·  teach   ·  manicured   ·  installed   ·  check   ·  look after  
Click and Drop click on a word or phrase in the box above and then on the appropriate gap.
1.Could you get somebody to my account, please?
2.We're getting a new washing machine .
3.She got her nails yesterday.
4.She got somebody to her dog while she was on holiday.
5.They're getting a conservatory onto their house.
6.He's getting winter tyres to his car.
7.They're getting a builder to solar panels on their roof.
8.I'll get the chef to something special for the occasion.
9.We got an electrician to come and at the wiring.
10.She's getting a friend to her to drive. Bad idea!
11.He got his garden at by a landscape architect.
12.We're getting our car in psychedelic colours. - Cool!
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English


Areti Gavalaki said...

Hi Will! There seems to be a little problem in sentence number 4. The program doesn't recognise "look after" as correct. Instead it suggests "lookafter" as the correct answer.

Warsaw Will said...

Oops, sorry! Should be OK now.

Amirul Adli said...

i think the sentence its good, i want to continuing reading thank you.

Rajiv Jain said...
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Jason Ellis said...
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General Manager said...
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SuperBlogger said...
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Edna Shirley said...
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